Micah Schnabel "I'm Dead, Serious" CD


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Last Chance Records is proud to reissue this great solo record from Two Cow Garage frontman Micah Schnabel with new artwork and remastered bonus tracks!

Choir Boys

Blame it on Geography

Sid and Nancy

The Heavy Things

Ex's and O's

Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

I'm Dead, Serious

Bloodline Insanity

The Confessional

Zen and the Art Of...

This is my Headstone

How To Quit Smoking

In Pacific Time

Adam Faucett
American Aquarium
Andrew Bryant
Austin Lucas
Brent Best
Drag The River
Eric Ambel
Jason Kutchma
Joey Kneiser
John Moreland
John Paul Keith
John Paul Keith & the 1-4-5's
Kevin Kerby + Battery
Legendary Shack Shakers
Micah Schnabel
Roger Hoover
Shane Sweeney
The Small Ponds
Tim Easton
Two Cow Garage