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Last Chance Records is proud to issue "Earthbound Blues" from John Moreland on vinyl for the first time! Pressed at QRP on 150gram vinyl, this sounds fantastic! Comes with 320mps MP3 download and rice paper inner sleeve.

1. Avalon
2. Good Book
3. Pacin' (Waitin' on You)
4. 100 Pages of Lies
5. Ancient Youth
6. Catching Up
7. Don't Come Around
8. Heaven
9. Don't Miss it Much
10. Hearts and Flowers

John Moreland: vocals, guitars, bass
Matt Dylan Street: pianos, organ
Steve Walden: drumset
Ali Harter, Samantha Crain, Kelly Johnson: backup vocals on "Ancient Youth"

Recorded from Sep 2010 - Mar 2011 in Choctaw, OK.
Produced by Matt Dylan Street.

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